Senior Engineer

Velóce Corporation (SmartTab), is seeking a Senior Engineer with mechanical and/or electronic design background to join our Research and Development team. This individual will be involved in the development of new technologies for a novel medical device. Velóce is developing next generation drug delivery systems to better target disease treatment and improve efficacy of existing drug therapies.



  • Develop drug delivery solutions from concept to prototypes, using state-of-the-art technologies to achieve high efficiency, high reliability, high power density and high performance, and meet medical device safety standards
  • As a member of the R&D team you will be responsible for the research, development and evaluation of new technologies and provide direction on the unique technologies required to push this exciting field forward
  • Manage technical aspects of projects by monitoring and managing project scope, plan and cost in order to achieve successful project completion while driving innovation
  • Provide strong technical leadership to solve complex technical challenges
  • Design and selection of components, including electromechanical actuators, power converters, embedded microcontrollers, and communications modules
  • Design, model, simulate, verification testing, design evaluation/ revisions/transfer technology, product performance analysis
  • Perform design revisions and updates, and assist in scale-up and transfer of designs to manufacturing, ensuring reliable and cost-effective production
  • Develop images and schematics for marketing materials and intellectual property registration
  • Generate and review project documentation


  • BS degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, MS preferred, with 4+ years’ of experience in hands on design developing new products
  • Familiar with applicable international and regulatory standards
  • Experience in engineering design tools (e.g. SolidWorks, MATLAB, Altium, etc.)
  • Experience with 3D printing technologies • Microcontroller/embedded programming, e.g. C, Python, etc.
  • Proven ability to lead a project as part of a team and with minimal supervision
  • Knowledge of mechanical systems and/or circuit design, and design for manufacturing
  • Broad knowledge of engineering principles and design, innovative and self-motivated
  • Experience working in a regulated environment requiring good documentation practices
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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