Drug Delivery for the 21st Century

Drug Delivery for the 21st Century


Meets Drug Delivery


Inductive Power

TargetTab™ utilizes wireless power supply with no onboard battery and proprietary innovative smart polymer technology for the actuation and release system.


Real-time Monitoring

The SmartTab® platform connects with a smartphone or smartwatch via bluetooth RF signal to monitor for statistical based therapy optimization.


Targeted Medicine

Targeted delivery to the stomach, intestines and colon. Potential to treat local diseases such as Crohn’s disease, inflammation, and ulcerative colitis.


Increased Drug Compliance

Providing a patient-friendly oral route of administration and the ability to confirm drug delivery can improve patient outcomes and compliance.


Lower Toxicity

The capsule’s selective drug release reduces the required dosage and the side effects that these drugs often produce through exposure to non-targeted areas.


Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Ushering in a new pharmaceutical era in which drug delivery data is monitored in real-time, personalized and integrated with health information systems.

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Disruptive Biologic Delivery Technology  

InjectTab™ is an oral drug delivery system for biologics and large molecules. A revolutionary micro-needle capsule that confirms self-orientation and ideal positioning to deliver biologics via injection into the stomach wall.



A Clear Path to Commercialization

TargetTab™ is an oral drug delivery system that can determine the capsule’s location in the gastrointestinal tract and trigger the release of drug therapy at a predetermined location for IBD and other GI related diseases. 



Groundbreaking Tech Findings

SmartTab® recently published “Advancing High Tech Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Crohn’s Disease” in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) Journal, and the Journal of Gastroenterology. A poster of distinction, as one of the top-scoring abstracts at the Crohn's and Colitis Congress 2021.



Robert Niichel Named Most Innovative CEO of the Year by Tycoon Success

It's with great pleasure that we announce SmartTab's Founder and CEO, Robert Niichel as the Most Innovative CEO of the Year 2021 by Tycoon Success. We are proud of the hard work and leadership Robert...

SmartTab Wins the First Autoimmune Patients' Choice Award

In the United States alone, there are more than 50 million people living with an autoimmune disease (a condition in which one’s immune system attacks healthy tissue). According to the Autoimmune...

The Evolution of Drug Delivery Systems

A Brief History of Drug Delivery Methods Accidental medical errors, specifically related to drug delivery and toxicity-related events, are the third largest cause of death among Americans, according...


Leadership Team

Robert Niichel
Founder & CEO
Douglas Miller, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

25+ years of experience in the medical device; multi-national corporate R&D; 20+ years experience in active implantable devices; 5+ years in in-vitro diagnostics and pharmaceuticals; Led R&D, manufacturing, quality, and regulatory functions at VP level; 9 patents in the biomedical field; Published author; BS in Electrical Engineering; MS & PhD in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering.

Sacha Francois Heppell
Chief Marketing Officer