The Future of Digital Medicine

The Future of Digital Medicine


Product Roadmap



SmartTab's oral capsule for colon targeted drug delivery. Designed specifically for targeted delivery of medication. Successfully Completed PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies.



SmartTab's oral injection capsule for biologics and large molecules. Making injections with needles a thing of the past. Currently in the process of PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies.



SmartTab's multi-compartment capsule to reside in the stomach for a week with active ingredients to release each day. To begin PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in 2021.


Disruptive Biologic Delivery Technology  

InjectTab™ is an oral delivery system for biologics and large molecules. A revolutionary wireless ingestible capsule designed to replace the conventional needle and syringe.




A Clear Path to Commercialization

TargetTab™ is an ingestible capsule for wireless, targeted drug delivery. This is first application of the SmartTab Platform for Crohn's and other GI related diseases. 




Meets Drug Delivery


Inductive Power

The TargetTab™ system utilizes inductive power (no on-board batteries) and proprietary innovative smart polymer technology for the actuation and release system. We continue to advance the capabilities of wireless power for the future of digital medicine.


Real-time Monitoring

The SmartTab platform connects with a smartphone or smartwatch via bluetooth RF signal to monitor when the capsule has reached the desired location. Monitoring for statistical based therapy optimization. Real-time decision making and wireless drug delivery.


Targeted Medicine

We are developing superior drug delivery mechanisms. Using technology for an advanced drug delivery system that target's precise locations in the GI tract. When the triggering signal is sent, it releases immediately for better drug efficacy and better patient outcomes.


Increased Drug Compliance

One of the biggest problems with treatments today is compliance. With the SmartTab electronic system triggering the release, the physician knows whether the patient is adhering to the prescribed drug treatment regimen.


Lower Toxicity

By having a very specific targeted delivery system we can negate the negative side effects associated with the medicine and will be able to use lower dosages. Lower dosages means lower side effects and improved patient outcomes.


Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Integration with IoMT. Data can be sent into artificial intelligence and then optimize the treatment. The SmartTab platform will integrate with other systems as the future of digital health evolves.


Groundbreaking Tech Findings

SmartTab recently published “Advancing High Tech Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Crohn’s Disease” in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) Journal, and the Journal of Gastroenterology. A poster of distinction, as one of the top-scoring abstracts at the Crohn's and Colitis Congress 2021.




Leadership Team

Robert Niichel
Founder & CEO


Douglas Miller, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

25+ years of experience in the medical device; multi-national corporate R&D; 20+ years experience in active implantable devices; 5+ years in in-vitro diagnostics and pharmaceuticals; Led R&D, manufacturing, quality, and regulatory functions at VP level; 9 patents in the biomedical field; Published author; BS in Electrical Engineering; MS & PhD in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Mark Brunvand
Chief Medical Officer & Clinical Director
Sacha Francois Heppell
Chief Marketing Officer

SmartTab Publishes Groundbreaking Tech Drug Delivery Findings for the Treatment of Crohn’s Disease

Press Release: The Denver-based digital medicine startup, SmartTab, published their most recent, innovative work in the IBD Journal

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Company News

SmartTab Presents at the MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine Showcase

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SmartTab Presents at Arab Health 2021 Innov8 Talks

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In honor of World IBD Day,  Chief Technology Officer, Doug Miller, PhD, sat down with Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry to share how we are working to change the game for diagnosing and treating...


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